Part # MAX6603 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX6603 DS

Part Details:

19-3975; Rev 0; 4/06 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE Dual-Channel, Platinum RTD-to-Voltage Signal Conditioner MAX6603 General Description Features The MAX6603 dual-channel, platinum RTD-to-voltage Amplifies Pt RTD Temperature Signals signal conditioner excites and amplifies the signal fromtwo external 200 platinum-resistive temperature ±5kV ESD Protection on RTD Inputs devices (Pt RTD) to achieve high-voltage, level-filtered +16V Overvoltage Fault Protection on RTD Inputs signals for temperature measurements. The MAX6603provides a direct ratiometric output voltage to simplify Low RTD Excitation Current Minimizes Self- the interface to microcontrollers with integrated analog- Heating Errors to-digital converters (ADCs). External precision resis- Small, 10-Pin TDFN Package tors and calibration processes are not needed. TheMAX6603 provides the necessary signal-conditioning Fully Ratiometric Operation functions, including ratiometric excitation current, No Calibration Required for Standard RTDs amplification, buffered voltage outputs, diagnostic faultdetections, and input protection. The MAX6603 ampli- RTD Diagnostic Check fies signals from two RTDs operating over the -40°C to High Accuracy: ±6°C (max) from +400°C to +600°C +1000°C temperature range and provides the tempera-ture information as two independent analog voltages.The MAX6603 features a ±6°C (max) accuracy over the+400°C to +600°C temperature range. Ordering Information The MAX6603 has overvoltage protection up to +16Von RTD inputs, and ±5kV electrostatic discharge (ESD)protection at RTD input pins for reliable operation PKG PART PIN-PACKAGE RTD CODE where RTD temperature-sensing probes are used. TheMAX6603 monitors the RTD for faults and asserts the MAX6603ATB+ 10 TDFN-EP* 200** T1033-1 respective DG output low for fault conditions. The ana- Note: Device is specified over the -40°C to +125°C tempera- log voltage outputs can be readily connected to a vari- ture range. ety of microcontrollers. *EP = Exposed pad.+Denotes lead-free package. The MAX6603 is available in a small, 10-pin TDFN-EP **Other base resistance values can be accommodated. package and operates over the -40°C to +125°C auto- Contact the factory for more information. motive temperature range from a single +3V to +5.5Vpower supply. Applications Pin Configuration Automotive Exhaust Temperature Monitoring

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