Part # LMH6732 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LMH6732 High Speed Op Amp with Adjustable Bandwidth

Part Details:

LMH6732 March 2004 LMH6732 High High Speed Op Amp with Adjustable Bandwidth Speed General Description Features The LMH6732 is a high speed op amp with a unique com- n Exceptional Performance at any Supply Current: bination of high performance, low power consumption, and V = ±5V, T = 25°C, A = +2V/V, V = 2V , Typical S A V OUT PP flexibility of application. The supply current is adjustable, unless Noted: over a continuous range of more than 10 to 1, with a single Op I -3dB DG/DP (%/ Slew THD Output resistor, R . This feature allows the device to be used in a CC P wide variety of high performance applications including de- (mA) BW deg.) Rate 1MHz Current Amp vice turn on/ turn off (Enable/ Disable) for power saving or (MHz) PAL (V/µs) (dBc) (mA) multiplexing. Typical performance at any supply current is 1.0 55 0.020/ 0.036 400 -70.0 9 exceptional. The LMH6732 s design has been optimized so 3.4

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