Part # MAX9516 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX9516 DS

Part Details:

19-0995; Rev 0; 9/07 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE 1.8V, Ultra-Low-Power, DirectDrive Video Filter Amplifier with Load Detect MAX9516 General Description Features Operating at 1.8V from a single power supply, the o 1.8V or 2.5V Single-Supply Operation MAX9516 amplifies standard-definition video signalsand only consumes 6mW quiescent power and 12mW o Low Power Consumption (6mW Quiescent, average power. The MAX9516 leverages Maxim s 12mW Average) DirectDriveTM technology. Combining DirectDrive withthe external positive 1.8V supply, the MAX9516 is able o Video Load Detect to drive a 2VP-P video signal into a 150 load. TheMAX9516 has the ability to detect and report the pres- o Reconstruction Filter with 5.5MHz Passband ence of a video load and reduce power consumptionwhen the load is not present. o DirectDrive Sets Video Output Black Level Near The MAX9516 can detect the presence of a video load Ground and report a change in load through the LOAD flag.This feature helps reduce overall system power con- o DC-Coupled Input/Output sumption because the video encoder and the MAX9516only need to be turned on when a video load is con- o Transparent Input Sync-Tip Clamp nected. If no load is connected, the MAX9516 is placedin an active-detect mode and only consumes 31µW. Ordering Information Maxim s DirectDrive technology eliminates large output-coupling capacitors and sets the output video black TOP level near ground. DirectDrive requires an integrated PART PIN-PACKAGE PKG CODE MARK charge pump and an internal linear regulator to createa clean negative power supply so that the amplifier can MAX9516ALB+T 10 µDFN-10 L1022+1 AAN pull the sync below ground. The charge pump injects Note: This device operates over the -40°C to +125°C operating so little noise into the video output that the picture is temperature range. visibly flawless. +Denotes lead-free package. The MAX9516 features an internal reconstruction filter T = Tape and reel. that smoothes the steps and reduces the spikes on thevideo signal from the video digital-to-analog converter(DAC). The reconstruction filter typically has ±1dB Block Diagram passband flatness of 7.5MHz, and 46dB (typ) attenua-tion at 27MHz. The input of the MAX9516 can be directly connected tothe output of a video DAC. The MAX9516 also features MAX9516 a transparent input sync-tip clamp, allowing AC-cou- LOAD

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