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TA258 TECHNICAL ARTICLE TUNE IN AND TURN ON... SECURELYSecuring PC and Network access Andrew Roberts Smartcard Products Division, Rousset Introduction Security is the key. Security really is the key. Butthe key to what? Security is the key to the on-lineenvironment where today s corporate and finan-cial transactions need to be exchanged overincreasingly open networks. The growth of inter-net, intranet and extranet has highlighted theneed for secure network access, reliant for its suc-cess on leading-edge security functions. Security,is an end-to-end problem and as well as the enduser identifying himself or herself to the machinewith a smart card or token which may be comple-mented by biometric means, the reverse needs tobe dealt with too, the machine identifying itself tothe user. Trust needs to be built, and the smartcard technology that has enabled fraud to bereduced dramatically in the banking world is nowbeginning to appear in forms adapted to the PCand network environments. parking meters, personal ID as well as in the ubiq-uitous mobile phone and increasing in your wallet. Integrated circuits for security applications have a Now this so called smart card technology is long history going back over 20 years. These cir- unleashing its connectivity shackles, no longer cuits have been shipped in there billions, mainly in content to communicate in the slow but sure T=0 the well-known smart card or ISO7816-1 format. or T=1 ISO7816 protocols, but taking on board These cards were originally used to secure pay- USB or I2C or LPC protocols. The smart card is phones, the integrated circuit being a secure also throwing off its card stigma by appearing in memory. However, the advent of the microproces- new package formats. This combination of new sor based card with its secured operating system packaging and new interfaces is opening up a led to an application explosion with cards finding host of new application areas. themselves in doctors surgeries, set top boxes, January 2003 1/4 TA258 - TECHNICAL ARTICLE Connecting Security Tokens and Cards "USB or ISO7816 Connectivity" or "USB and STMicroelectronics has led the way in the in pro- ISO7816 Connectivity"? ducing the first secure IC with USB (including The long awaited smartcard manufacturers dream clock recovery and pull-up) and standard smart of seeing a smartcard reader integrated into every card I/O capability for token/card applications. The new PC or laptop may, or may not come to ST19XT34 is the first in a series of secure ICs fruition. One of the major factors in the prolifera- with USB and standard smart card I/O capability. tion (or not) of the PC with integrated smart card The IC that can be delivered in wafer or packaged reader will be the success of the newly arrived formats, features an enhanced 8-bit CPU, 96 security token with an USB (Universal Serial Bus) KBytes user ROM with partitioning, 4 KBytes user interface. First of all, the small plug and play ram with partitioning and 34 KBytes user EEP- nature of the technology is automatically recog- ROM. The ST19XT34 has an ISO/USB mode

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