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AN1695 APPLICATION NOTE TSM108 EVALUATION BOARD 12V to 6V DC/DC CONVERTER by Anthony BOIMOND 1 - Introduction The TSM108 is a step down controller that features constant voltage and constant current regulation. Itcan drive either a P-channel Mosfet or a PNP bipolar transistor. The principle of operation of the TSM108is widely described in the application note attached to the datasheet. The goal of this document is todescribe the TSM108 Evaluation Board. The Evaluation Board was designed to allow different converter configurations. Several options for powersemiconductor footprints are available on the PCB in order to make it adaptable to a wide range ofconverter output power. In a first step, this application note will describe the typical application. Then thevarious options available on the Evaluation Board PCB will be explained. 2 - TSM108 typical application 2.1 Description The TSM108 is especially suited for cigarette lighter accessories. The typical application described in thisnote is a battery charger with the following characteristics: Input voltage: Vin = 12V Output voltage: Vout = 6V Maximum output current: Iout = 800mA A picture of the Evaluation Board in the typical application configuration is shown on Figure 1. The relatedschematic is described on Figure 2. Figure 1 : TSM108 Evaluation Board January 2003 1/5 AN1695 - APPLICATION NOTE Figure 2 : Typical application schematic Q4-B R8 Vin Vout L1 R17 R18 C4 Q4-A C7 R19 R9 U1 14 GD 200mV VS 1 VCC 13 ICTRL 12 R7 C3 ICOMP 9 !STBY Y 2 B R6 C2 VCOMP UV 8 4 V/!ST VCTRL OV

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