Part # TDA7519 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Multichip module for car radio applications

Part Details:

TDA7519 Multichip module for car radio applications Features High-performance signal processor for car radio applications Adjustment-free stereo decoder FM noise blanker Programmable multipath detector 2 Stereo and 2 mono inputs with mixing capability Bass, treble and loudness controls 4 Independent speaker outputs LQFP44 High-performance fully digital RDS demodulator On-chip adjustment-free 57kHz 8th order bandpass filter ARI (SK indication) and RDS signal quality output Two devices are included: TDA7460N, and TDA7479. (please refer to the relevant datasheet Full I2C-bus control for specifications) Description TDA7460N is a digitally controlled stereo decoder and audioprocessor, featuring FM noise blanking The TDA7519 multichip module combines in a and multipath detector; bass, treble, loudness single compact (10x10mm) 44-pin package, the controls with 2 stereo and 2 mono mixable inputs signal processing functionalities of a state-of-the- and four independent speaker outputs. art car radio, with a minimized number of required TDA7479 is a fully digital RDS data decoder with external components. an on-chip adjustment-free bandpass filter. Both chips are I2C bus controlled. Order codes Part numbers Package Packing TDA7519 LQFP44 (10x 10x 1.4mm) Tray TDA7519TR LQFP44 (10x 10x 1.4mm) Tape and reel November 2006 Rev 3 1/7

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TDA7519.pdf Datasheet