Part # AD633 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD633 Low Cost Analog Multiplier Data Sheet (REV. E)

Part Details:

a Low Cost Analog Multiplier AD633 FEATURES CONNECTION DIAGRAMS 4-Quadrant Multiplication 8-Lead Plastic DIP (N) Package Low Cost 8-Lead PackageComplete--No External Components RequiredLaser-Trimmed Accuracy and Stability X1 1 8 +VS 1 Total Error within 2% of FSDifferential High Impedance X and Y Inputs X2 2 A 7 W High Impedance Unity-Gain Summing Input 1 10V Laser-Trimmed 10 V Scaling Reference Y1 3 6 Z APPLICATIONS 1 Multiplication, Division, Squaring Y2 4 5 ­VS Modulation/Demodulation, Phase Detection AD633JN/AD633AN Voltage Controlled Amplifiers/Attenuators/Filters 8-Lead Plastic SOIC (RN-8) Package PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Y1 1 8 X2 1 1 The AD633 is a functionally complete, four-quadrant, analogmultiplier. It includes high impedance, differential X and Y Y2 2 1 7 X1 10V inputs and a high impedance summing input (Z). The lowimpedance output voltage is a nominal 10 V full scale provided ­VS

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AD633.pdf Datasheet