Part # AD9831 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD9831 CMOS Complete DDS

Part Details:

a CMOS Complete DDS AD9831 FEATURES GENERAL DESCRIPTION 3 V/5 V Power Supply This DDS device is a numerically controlled oscillator employ- 25 MHz Speed ing a phase accumulator, a sine look-up table and a 10-bit D/A On-Chip SINE Look-Up Table converter integrated on a single CMOS chip. Modulation On-Chip 10-Bit DAC capabilities are provided for phase modulation and frequency Parallel Loading modulation. Powerdown Option Clock rates up to 25 MHz are supported. Frequency accuracy 72 dB SFDR can be controlled to one part in 4 billion. Modulation is effected 125 mW (5 V) Power Consumption by loading registers through the parallel microprocessor 40 mW (3 V) Power Consumption interface. 48-Pin TQFP A powerdown pin allows external control of a powerdown APPLICATIONS mode. The part is available in a 48-pin TQFP package. DDS TuningDigital Demodulation FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM DVDD DGND AVDD AGND REFOUT FS ADJUST REFIN MCLK ON-BOARD FULL-SCALE COMP REFERENCE CONTROL FSELECT FREQ0 REG PHASE 12 SIN MUX ACCUMULATOR 10-BIT DAC IOUT ROM (32-BIT)

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AD9831.pdf Datasheet