Part # LM741QML datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM741QML Operational Amplifier

Part Details:

LM741QML August 2005 LM741QML Operational Operational AmplifierGeneral Description Features The LM741 is a general purpose operational amplifier which The amplifier offers many features which make their appli- features improved performance over industry standards cation nearly foolproof: overload protection on the input and such as the LM709. They are direct, plug-in replacements for output, no latch-up when the common mode range is ex- the 709C, LM201, MC1439 and 748 in most applications. ceeded, as well as freedom from oscillations. Amplifier Ordering Information NS Part Number JAN Part Number NS Package Number Package Description LM741H/883 H08C 8 LD Metal Can LM741J/883 J08A 8LD CERDIP LM741W/883 W10A 10LD CERPACK LM741WG/883 WG10A 10LD Ceramic SOIC Connection Diagrams Metal Can Package Dual-In-LinePackage 20143902 20143903 See NS Package Number H08C See NS Package Number J08A Ceramic Flatpak and SOIC Package 20143906 See NS Package Number W10A & WG10A © 2005 National Semiconductor Corporation DS201439 Schematic Diagram LM741QML 20143901 2 LM741QML Absolute Maximum Ratings (Note 1) Supply Voltage

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