Part # Brief L9813 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Super smart mirror with embedded MCU

Part Details:

L9813 SUPER SMART MIRROR WITH EMBEDDED MCU DATA BRIEF 1 FEATURES 8-18V Supply Operating Range 16 MHz Maximum Oscillator Frequency 8 MHz Maximum Internal Clock Frequency Fully Static operation. HiQUAD64 Low consumption ( 100mA) mode. -40°C to + 150°C Temperature Range ROM: 8Kbytes Data RAM: 256 bytes Table 1. Order Codes 64 pin HiQuad package Part Number Package 5 multifunctional bidirectional I/O lines L9813 HiQUAD64 16-bit Timer, featuring: ­ 2 Input Captures­ 2 Output Compares Full Software Package on DOS/WINDOWSTM ­ External Clock input (C-Compiler, Cross-Assembler, Debugger) ­ PWM and Pulse Generator modes 2 DESCRIPTION UART peripheral including Bus line interface according ISO9141 specifications The L9813 Microcontroller Unit (MCU) is a mem-ber of the ST7 family of Microcontrollers. Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). 8-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter with 2 The device is based on an industry-standard 8-bit dedicated inputs. core and features an enhanced instruction set. Programmable Watchdog for system integrity The device is normally operated at an 16MHz os- Master Reset and Power-On Reset cillator frequency. Under software control, the Two 200m Half-Bridges, Two 400m Half- L9813 may be placed in either Wait, Slow or Halt Bridges for sequential driving of 3 DC motors. modes, thus reducing power consumption. 50m High-Side driver (Defroster function) The enhanced instruction set and addressing 300m High-Side driver (Sidemarker function) modes afford real programming potential. In addi- 400m High-Side driver (Puddle Lamp tion to standard 8-bit data management, the L9813 function) features true bit manipulation, 8x8 unsigned multi- 300m High-Side driver + Parallel Voltage plication and indirect addressing modes. Regulator (Electro Chrome function

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