Part # AD589 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD589 2-Terminal IC 1.2 V Reference Data Sheet (REV. C)

Part Details:

2-Terminal IC 1.2 V Reference AD589 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAMS Superior Replacement for Other 1.2 V ReferencesWide Operating Range: 50 A to 5 mALow Power: 60 SOIC (R-8) Metal Can (H-02) W Total PD at 50 A Low Temperature Coeffi cient: 10 ppm/C Max, 0C to 70C (AD589M) 1 8 +V 2-Terminal Zener Operation 2 7 Low Output Impedance: 0.6 3 6 No Frequency Compensation Required ­V 4 5 Low Cost AD589 TOP VIEW MIL-STD-883 Compliant Versions Available (Not to Scale) PRODUCT DESCRIPTION PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS The AD589 is a 2-terminal, low cost, temperature compensated 1. The AD589 is a 2-terminal device that delivers a constant band gap voltage reference that provides a fi xed 1.23 V output reference voltage for a wide range of input current. voltage for input currents between 50 A and 5.0 mA. 2. Output impedance of 0.6 and temperature coeffi cients as The high stability of the AD589 is primarily dependent upon low as 10 ppm/°C ensure stable output voltage over a wide the matching and thermal tracking of the on-chip components. range of operating conditions. Analog Devices precision bipolar processing and thin-fi lm tech- 3. The AD589 can be operated as a positive or negative refer- nology combine to provide excellent performance at low cost. ence. Floating operation is also possible. Additionally, the active circuit produces an output impedance 10 4. The AD589 will operate with a total current as low as 50 A lower than the typical low-TC Zener diodes. This feature allows (60 W total power dissipation), ideal for battery-powered operation with no external components required to maintain full instrument applications. accuracy under changing load conditions. 5. The AD589 is an exact replacement for other 1.2 V references, The AD589 is available in seven versions. The AD589J, AD589K,

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