Part # STLC60133 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: XDSL LINE DRIVER

Part Details:

STLC60133 XDSL LINE DRIVER PRELIMINARY DATA s LOW NOISE : 4nV/ H z s HIGH PEAK OUTPUT CURRENT: 500 mA s HIGH SPEED ­ 140MHz Gain Bandwidth ­ 30MHz Gain Flatness ­ 400 V/us Slew Rate HTSSOP28 s LOW POWER OPERATION ­ ±5V to ±15V Voltage Supply ORDERING NUMBER: STLC60133 ­ 12.5 mA/Amp (typ) Supply current Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C ­ Power reduced Current s LOW SINGLE TONE DISTORTION s THERMAL AND OVERLOAD PROTECTION Two digital pins (PWDN0 and PWDN1) allow the driv-er to work in full performance mode, in low-power s HTSSOP28 PACKAGE mode or two intermediate bias states. s -40 TO +85°C OPERATING RANGE The low-power mode biases the output stage in orderto provide a low impedance at the amplifier outputs DESCRIPTION for back termination. The STLC60133 is a dual amplifier featuring a high The STLC60133 is designed optimizing bandwidth slew rate and a large bandwidth optimized for XDSL and distortion performances. For proper device oper- applications. The device is available in a HTSSOP 28 ating it is necessary to work with a gain level greater pin package (4x9 mm) with an exposed leadframe. than 15.6dB. Thanks to its small package this line driver is suitable Typical differential gain is normally +27dB, while typ- for high density ADSL line card. ical common mode gain is 15.6dB Figure 1. BLOCK DIAGRAM -V +V S S Op1 IN1N - OUT1 IN1P + PWDN0 PWDN1 Obsolete Product(s) - Obsolete Product(s) LOGIC TH DETCT. BIAS DGND

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