Part # AD9058 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD9058 Dual 8-Bit 50 MSPS A/D Converter Data Sheet (REV. D)

Part Details:

a Dual 8-Bit 50 MSPS A/D Converter AD9058 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM 2 Matched ADCs on Single Chip50 MSPS Conversion Speed AD9058 On-Board Voltage Reference +VREF Low Power (<1 W)Low Input Capacitance (10 pF) ENCODE 8-BIT 8 ANALOG- 65 V Power Supplies A TO-DIGITAL CONVERTER Flexible Input Range AIN APPLICATIONS ­VREF Quadrature Demodulation for CommunicationsDigital Oscilloscopes 2VREF Electronic WarfareRadar +VREF ENCODE 8-BIT 8 ANALOG- B TO-DIGITAL GENERAL DESCRIPTION A CONVERTER IN The AD9058 combines two independent, high performance,8-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) on a single monolithic ­VREF IC. Combined with an optional on-board voltage reference,the AD9058 provides a cost-effective alternative for systemsrequiring two or more ADCs. Dynamic performance (SNR, ENOB) is optimized to provide QUADRATURE RECEIVER up to 50 MSPS conversion rates. The unique architectureresults in low input capacitance while maintaining high per-formance and low power (<0.5 W/channel). Digital inputs G and outputs are TTL compatible. 8 Q Performance has been optimized for an analog input of 2 V p-p RF AD9058 ( 90 ±1 V; 0 V to 2 V). Using the on-board 2 V voltage reference, the AD9058 can be set up for unipolar positive operation 8

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AD9058.pdf Datasheet