Part # LM7171 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM7171 Very High Speed, High Output Current, Voltage Feedback Amplifier

Part Details:

LM7171 May 2006 V LM7171 ery Very High Speed, High Output Current, Voltage High Feedback AmplifierGeneral Description Features Speed, The LM7171 is a high speed voltage feedback amplifier that (Typical Unless Otherwise Noted) has the slewing characteristic of a current feedback ampli- n Easy-to-use voltage feedback topology fier; yet it can be used in all traditional voltage feedback n Very high slew rate: 4100 V/µs amplifier configurations. The LM7171 is stable for gains as n Wide unity-gain bandwidth: 200 MHz low as +2 or -1. It provides a very high slew rate at 4100V/µs High n -3 dB frequency @ A = +2: 220 MHz and a wide unity-gain bandwidth of 200 MHz while consum- V ing only 6.5 mA of supply current. It is ideal for video and n Low supply current: 6.5 mA high speed signal processing applications such as HDSL n High open loop gain: 85 dB Output and pulse amplifiers. With 100 mA output current, the n High output current: 100 mA LM7171 can be used for video distribution, as a transformer n Differential gain and phase: 0.01%, 0.02° driver or as a laser diode driver. n Specified for ±15V and ±5V operation Operation on ±15V power supplies allows for large signalswings and provides greater dynamic range and signal-to- Applications Current, noise ratio. The LM7171 offers low SFDR and THD, ideal for n HDSL and ADSL drivers ADC/DAC systems. In addition, the LM7171 is specified for ± n Multimedia broadcast systems 5V operation for portable applications. n Professional video cameras The LM7171 is built on National s advanced VIPTM III (Verti- n Video amplifiers cally integrated PNP) complementary bipolar process.

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