Part # STY60NM50 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: N-channel 500V - 0.045 Ω - 60A Max247 Zener-protected MDmesh™ Power MOSFET

Part Details:

STY60NM50 N-CHANNEL 500V - 0.045 - 60A Max247 Zener-Protected MDmeshTMPower MOSFET TYPE VDSS RDS(on) ID STY60NM50 500V < 0.05 60 A TYPICAL RDS(on) = 0.045HIGH dv/dt AND AVALANCHE CAPABILITIESIMPROVED ESD CAPABILITYLOW INPUT CAPACITANCE AND GATE 3 CHARGE 2 LOW GATE INPUT RESISTANCE 1 TIGHT PROCESS CONTROLINDUSTRY S LOWEST ON-RESISTANCE Max247 DESCRIPTIONThe MDmeshTM is a new revolutionary MOSFETtechnology that associates the Multiple Drain pro-cess with the Company s PowerMESHTM horizontallayout. The resulting product has an outstanding lowon-resistance, impressively high dv/dt and excellent INTERNAL SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM avalanche characteristics. The adoption of theCompany s proprietary strip technique yields overalldynamic performance that is significantly better thanthat of similar competition s products. APPLICATIONSThe MDmeshTM family is very suitable for increasingpower density of high voltage converters allowingsystem miniaturization and higher efficiencies. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Symbol Parameter Value Unit VDS Drain-source Voltage (VGS = 0) 500 V VDGR Drain-gate Voltage (RGS = 20 k) 500 V VGS Gate- source Voltage ±30 V ID Drain Current (continuous) at TC = 25°C 60 A ID Drain Current (continuous) at TC = 100°C 37.8 A IDM ( ) Drain Current (pulsed) 240 A PTOT Total Dissipation at TC = 25°C 560

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