Part # Application Note Motor Control L6208 EVAL6208N EVAL6208PD AN1451 datasheet

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AN1451 APPLICATION NOTE L6208 FULLY INTEGRATED TWO PHASE STEPPER MOTOR DRIVER by Domenico Arrigo, Vincenzo Marano and Thomas Hopkins Modern motion control applications need more flexibility that can be addressed only with specialized IC products. The L6208 is a fully integrated stepper motor driver IC specifically developed to drive a wide rangeof two phase (bipolar) stepper motors. This IC is a one-chip cost effective solution that includes severalunique circuit design features. These features, including a decoding logic that can generate three differentstepping sequences, allow the device to be used in many applications including microstepping. The principalaim of this development project was to produce an easy to use, fully protected power IC. In addition severalkey functions such as protection circuit and PWM current control drastically reduce external componentscount to meet requirements for many different applications. 1 INTRODUCTION The L6208 is a highly integrated, mixed-signal power IC that allows the user to easily design a complete motorcontrol system for two-phase bipolar stepper motors. Figure 1 shows the L6208 block diagram. The IC inte-grates eight Power DMOS, a centralized logic circuit which implements the phase generation and a constanttOFF PWM current control technique (Quasi-Synchronous mode) for each of the two phases of the motor plusother added features for safe operation and flexibility. Figure 1. L6208 block diagram. VBOOT VBOOT VSA VBOOT VBOOT V CHARGE THERMAL CP PUMP PROTECTION OVER OCDA CURRENT DETECTION OUT1A OCDB OUT2A 10V 10V EN GATE LOGIC CONTROL SENSEA HALF/FULL PWM CLOCK STEPPING ONE SHOT MASKING + SEQUENCE MONOSTABLE TIME RESET - VREF SENSE A GENERATION COMPARATOR CW/CCW RCA

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