Part # FSB50450 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: FSB50450 Smart Power Module

Part Details:

FSB50450 Smart Power Module (SPM®) April 2007 FSB50450Smart Power Module (SPM®) Features General Description · 500V 3.0A 3-phase FRFET inverter including high voltage FSB50450 is a tiny smart power module (SPM®) based on integrated circuit (HVIC) FRFET technology as a compact inverter solution for small power motor drive applications such as fan motors and water · 3 divided negative dc-link terminals for inverter current sens- suppliers. It is composed of 6 fast-recovery MOSFET (FRFET), ing applications and 3 half-bridge HVICs for FRFET gate driving. FSB50450 · HVIC for gate driving and undervoltage protection provides low electromagnetic interference (EMI) characteristics with optimized switching speed. Moreover, since it employs · 3/5V CMOS/TTL compatible, active-high interface FRFET as a power switch, it has much better ruggedness and · Optimized for low electromagnetic interference larger safe operation area (SOA) than that of an IGBT-based power module or one-chip solution. The package is optimized · Isolation voltage rating of 1500Vrms for 1min. for the thermal performance and compactness for the use in the built-in motor application and any other application where the assembly space is concerned. FSB50450 is the most solution for the compact inverter providing the energy efficiency, compactness, and low electromagnetic interference. Absolute Maximum Ratings Symbol Parameter Conditions Rating Units DC Link Input Voltage, VPN 500 V Drain-source Voltage of each FRFET ID25 Each FRFET Drain Current, Continuous TC = 25°C 1.5 A ID80 Each FRFET Drain Current, Continuous TC = 80°C 1.0 A IDP Each FRFET Drain Current, Peak TC = 25°C, PW < 100s 3.0 A PD Maximum Power Dissipation TC = 80°C, Each FRFET 4.5 W VCC Control Supply Voltage Applied between VCC and COM

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