Part # AD538 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD538 data sheet

Part Details:

a Real-Time Analog Computational Unit (ACU) AD538 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM m V Z VOUT = VY Transfer Function VX IZ 1 18 A Wide Dynamic Range (Denominator) ­1000:1 25k LOG Simultaneous Multiplication and Division V 2 RATIO Z 17 D Resistor-Programmable Powers and Roots B 3 16 I No External Trims Required X Low Input Offsets <100 V +10V 4 15 VX Low Error 0.25% of Reading (100:1 Range) 25k 100 100 +2 V and +10 V On-Chip References SIGNAL +2V 5 14 GND Monolithic Construction INTERNAL VOLTAGE PWR +VS 6 APPLICATIONS REFERENCE AD538 13 GND One- or Two-Quadrant Mult/Div ­VS 7 OUTPUT 12 C Log Ratio Computation

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AD538.pdf Datasheet