Part # ST72124J2 ST72314J2 ST72314J4 ST72314N4 ST72334J2 ST72334J4 ST72334N4 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: 8-bit MCU with single voltage Flash memory, ADC, 16-bit timers, SPI, SCI interfaces

Part Details:

ST72334J/N, ST72314J/N, ST72124J 8-BIT MCU WITH SINGLE VOLTAGE FLASH MEMORY, ADC, 16-BIT TIMERS, SPI, SCI INTERFACES s Memories ­ 8K or 16K Program memory (ROM or single voltage FLASH) with read-out protection and in-situ programming (remote ISP) ­ 256 bytes EEPROM Data memory (with read- out protection option in ROM devices) ­ 384 or 512 bytes RAM s Clock, Reset and Supply Management PSDIP42 ­ Enhanced reset system PSDIP56 ­ Enhanced low voltage supply supervisor with 3 programmable levels ­ Clock sources: crystal/ceramic resonator os- cillators or RC oscillators, external clock, backup Clock Security System ­ 4 Power Saving Modes: Halt, Active-Halt, Wait and Slow ­ Beep and clock-out capabilities TQFP64 TQFP44 s Interrupt Management 14 x 14 10 x 10 ­ 10 interrupt vectors plus TRAP and RESET­ 15 external interrupt lines (4 vectors) s 44 or 32 I/O Ports s 1 Analog Peripheral ­ 44 or 32 multifunctional bidirectional I/O lines: ­ 8-bit ADC with 8 input channels (6 only on ­ 21 or 19 alternate function lines ST72334Jx, not available on ST72124J2) ­ 12 or 8 high sink outputs s 4 Timers s Instruction Set ­ Configurable watchdog timer ­ 8-bit data manipulation ­ Realtime base ­ 63 basic instructions ­ Two 16-bit timers with: 2 input captures (only ­ 17 main addressing modes one on timer A), 2 output compares (only one on timer A), External clock input on timer A, ­ 8 x 8 unsigned multiply instruction PWM and Pulse generator modes

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ST72124J2 ST72314J2 ST72314J4 ST72314N4 ST72334J2 ST72334J4 ST72334N4.pdf Datasheet