Part # STGB19NC60KD STGF19NC60KD STGP19NC60KD datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: 20 A - 600 V - short circuit rugged IGBT

Part Details:

STGB19NC60KD STGF19NC60KD - STGP19NC60KD 20 A - 600 V - short circuit rugged IGBT Features Low on-voltage drop (VCE(sat)) Low Cres / Cies ratio (no cross conduction susceptibility) 3 Short circuit withstand time 10 µs 3 2 1 1 IGBT co-packaged with ultra fast free-wheeling TO-220 D2PAK diode Applications 3 High frequency inverters 2 1 Motor drivers TO-220FP Description Figure 1. Internal schematic diagram This IGBT utilizes the advanced PowerMESHTM process resulting in an excellent trade-off between switching performance and low on-state behavior. Table 1. Device summary Order codes Marking Package Packaging STGB19NC60KDT4 GB19NC60KD D2PAK Tape and reel STGF19NC60KD GF19NC60KD TO-220FP Tube STGP19NC60KD GP19NC60KD TO-220 Tube May 2008 Rev 2 1/17 17 Contents STGB19NC60KD - STGF19NC60KD - STGP19NC60KD Contents

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STGB19NC60KD STGF19NC60KD STGP19NC60KD.pdf Datasheet