Part # ISL9V2540S3ST datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Motorola


Part Description: SL9V2540S3ST EcoSPARK™ N-Channel Ignition IGB

Part Details:

ISL June 2005 9V2540S ISL9V2540S3ST 3S EcoSPARKTM N-Channel Ignition IGBT T N 250mJ, 400V -Ch Features General Description a ! SCIS Energy = 250mJ at T The ISL9V2540S3ST is a next generation ignition IGBT that nne J = 25oC offers outstanding SCIS capability in the industry standard ! Logic Level Gate Drive D²-Pak (TO-263) plastic package. This device is intended l for use in automotive ignition circuits, specifically as a coil Ign Applications driver. Internal diodes provide voltage clamping without the ! need for external components. Automotive Ignition Coil Driver Circuits itio ! EcoSPARKTM devices can be custom made to specific Coil - On Plug Applications n clamp voltages. Contact your nearest Fairchild sales office I for more information. GBT Package Symbol COLLECTOR GATE R1 GATE EMITTER R COLLECTOR 2 (FLANGE) JEDEC TO-263AB EMITTER D2-Pak ©2005 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation ISL9V2540S3ST Rev. A ISL9V25

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ISL9V2540S3ST.pdf Datasheet