Part # Brief EMIF06-SD02F3 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: 6 line EMI filter and ESD protection for SD card

Part Details:

EMIF06-SD02F3 IPADTM 6 line EMI filter and ESD protection for SD card Data Brief Main application Removable memory cards in mobile phones, communication systems, and portable applications Compliant with: SD (standard and high speed) /MiniSD/ µSD and MMC/Trans-flash standards Description Flip-Chip (24 bumps) The EMIF06-SD02F3 is a highly integrated device based on IPAD technology combining 5 functions: ESD protection (IEC standard) EMI Filtering Application diagram Level translator Signal conditionning Power supply LDO Integrated power supply with thermal shutdown (TSD), under voltage lockout (UVLO), and short-circuit current limitation (ISC) Benefits EMI Filtering 1.8 V 2.9 V Pin1 Pin2 Pin3 Pin4 Pin5 Pin6 Pin7 Pin8 Baseband micro CPU otection SD EMI Low-pass-filter and ESD protection (up to vel Shifter 15 kV on external pins) Le ESD pr Integrated pull up resistors to prevent bus floating 50 MHz clock frequency compatible with Signal Conditioning Cline< 40 pF Lead-free package in 400 µm pitch Low power consumption Complies with the following standards: Very low PCB space consumption IEC 61000-4-2, Level 4: High reliability offered by monolithic integration External pins 15 kV (air discharge)

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Brief EMIF06-SD02F3.pdf Datasheet