Part # MAX6654 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX6654 DS

Part Details:

19-1836; Rev 3; 5/06 1°C Accurate Remote/Local Temperature Sensor with SMBus Serial Interface MAX6654 General Description Features The MAX6654 is a precise digital thermometer that High Accuracy ±1°C (max) from +70°C to +100°C reports the temperature of both a remote P-N junction (Remote) and its own die. The remote junction can be a diode-con-nected transistor--typically a low-cost, easily mounted 11-Bit, 0.125°C Resolution 2N3904 NPN type or 2N3906 PNP type--that replaces Dual Channel: Measures Remote and Local conventional thermistors or thermocouples. Remote Temperature accuracy is ±1°C for multiple transistor manufacturers,with no calibration needed. The remote junction can also No Calibration Required be a common-collector PNP, such as a substrate PNP of Programmable Under/Overtemperature Alarms a microprocessor (µP). The 2-wire serial interface accepts standard System I2CTM-Compatible/SMBus Interface Management Bus (SMBus)TM, Write Byte, Read Byte, +3V to +5.5V Supply Range Send Byte, and Receive Byte commands to program thealarm thresholds and to read temperature data. Ordering Information Measurements can be done automatically andautonomously, with the conversion rate programmed by PIN- PKG the user, or programmed to operate in a single-shot PART TEMP RANGE PACKAGE CODE mode. The adjustable conversion rate allows the user tooptimize supply current and temperature update rate to MAX6654MEE -55°C to +125°C 16 QSOP E16-1 match system needs. When the conversion rate is fasterthan 1Hz, the conversion results are available as a 7-bit- Typical Operating Circuit plus-sign byte with a 1°C LSB. When the conversion rateis 1Hz or slower, the MAX6654 enters the extended 0.1µF 200 mode. In this mode, 3 additional bits of temperature data +3V TO +5V SUPPLY are available in the extended resolution register, provid-ing 10-bit-plus-sign resolution with a 0.125°C LSB. Single- CPU VCC STBY 10k EACH shot conversions also have 0.125°C per LSB resolutionwhen the conversion rate is 1Hz or slower. MAX6654 DXP SMBCLK CLOCK

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