Part # MAX7462-MAX7463 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX7462 63 DS

Part Details:

19-3790; Rev 1; 9/05 Single-Channel Video Reconstruction Filters and Buffers MAX7462/MAX7463 General Description Features The MAX7462/MAX7463 single-channel, standard-defini- Standard-Definition CVBS Video Reconstruction tion, integrated video reconstruction filters and buffers Filters and Buffers are ideal for anti-aliasing and digital-to-analog smoothingvideo applications or wherever analog video is recon- Passband: -0.05dB at 5MHz structed from digital data (such as cable/satellite/terres- Stopband: -43dB at 27MHz trial set-top boxes and DVRs). Selectable Gain: +6dB and +9.5dB (MAX7462) The MAX7462 includes a disable function, whichplaces the output in a high-impedance state allowing Output Disable (MAX7462) multiplexing of multiple output signals. It also has an Drives 2V external gain control that sets the output buffer gain to P-P into Two 150 Video Loads either +6dB or +9.5dB. The higher gain setting allows a Output Black Level < 1V for DC-Coupled Output lower DAC output signal than the standard 1VP-P sig- nal. The MAX7463 output buffer has a fixed gain of Very Small µMAX and SO Packages +6dB. The MAX7462/MAX7463 operate from a single +5V Ordering Information supply and have a flat passband out to 5MHz with astopband attenuation of -43dB (typ) at 27MHz. PIN- BUFFER GAIN OUTPUT PART These devices can drive two standard 150 AC-cou- PACKAGE (dB) DISABLE pled or DC-coupled video loads. The output black level +6/+9.5 of the MAX7462/MAX7463 is less than 1V for DC-cou- MAX7462UUA* 8 µMAX Yes selectable pled outputs. The MAX7462 is available in an 8-pin µMAX® package +6/+9.5 MAX7462USA 8 SO Yes and an 8-pin SO package. The MAX7463 is available in selectable

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