Part # 54ACT715 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM1882 54ACT715 LM1882-R 54ACT715-R Programmable Video Sync Generator

Part Details:

LM1882 December 1998 ·54ACT715 LM1882·54ACT715LM1882-R·54ACT715-R Programmable Video SyncGenerator General Description LM1882-R is mask programmed to default to a Clock En- ·LM1882-R abled state. Bit 10 of the Status Register defaults to a logic The ACT715/LM1882 and ACT715-R/LM1882-R are 20-pin "1". Although completely (re)programmable, the ACT715-R/ TTL-input compatible devices capable of generating Hori- LM1882-R version is better suited for applications using the zontal, Vertical and Composite Sync and Blank signals for default 14.31818 MHz RS-170 register values. This feature televisions and monitors. All pulse widths are completely de- allows power-up directly into operation, following a single finable by the user. The devices are capable of generating CLEAR pulse. signals for both interlaced and noninterlaced modes of op-eration. Equalization and serration pulses can be introduced · Features 54ACT715-R into the Composite Sync signal when needed. Four additional signals can also be made available when n Maximum Input Clock Frequency > 130 MHz Composite Sync or Blank are used. These signals can be n Interlaced and non-interlaced formats available used to generate horizontal or vertical gating pulses, cursor n Separate or composite horizontal and vertical Sync and position or vertical Interrupt signal. Blank signals available These devices make no assumptions concerning the system n Complete control of pulse width via register architecture. Line rate and field/frame rate are all a function programming of the values programmed into the data registers, the status n All inputs are TTL compatible register, and the input clock frequency. n 8 mA drive on all outputs Programmable The ACT715/LM1882 is mask programmed to default to a n Default RS170/NTSC values mask programmed into Clock Disable state. Bit 10 of the Status Register, Register 0, registers defaults to a logic "0". This facilitates (re)programming be- n 4 KV minimum ESD immunity fore operation. n ACT715-R/LM1882-R is mask programmed to default to The ACT715-R/LM1882-R is the same as the ACT715/ a Clock Enable state for easier start-up into LM1882 in all respects except that the ACT715-R/ 14.31818 MHz RS170 timing Connection Diagrams V Pin Assignment for

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