Part # STLC5445 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics


Part Details:

STLC5445 QUAD LINE FEED CONTROLLER s BATTERY VOLTAGE UP TO 120V s SUPPLIES POWER FOR UP TO FOUR DIGITAL TELEPHONE LINES s PROGRAMMABLE CURRENT LIMITING s LONGITUDINAL CURRENT CANCELLATION s ETSI ETR80 COMPLIANT s OUTPUT CURRENT UP TO 140 mA s STATUS CONDITION DETECTION FOR HiQUAD-64 EACH LINE s AUTOMATIC THERMAL PROTECTION ORDERING NUMBER: STLC5445 s AUTO POWER ON SEQUENCE s OUTPUT STAGE OPTIMIZED FOR MINIMAL OUTPUT OVERVOLTAGE PROTECTION by a pin strap. s TWO EXTERNAL RELAY DRIVERS PER LINE Each line can be individually powered and monitored: s PARALLEL OR MPI CONTROL INTERFACE therefore overload and faults can easily be detected s HI-QUAD PACKAGE 64 PIN and localized even in a large system. The status con-ditions detected by the device are: Current Overload, DESCRIPTION Thermal Overload, Open Loop. If activated (bymeans of a dedicated pin strap), a self generated The QUAD LINE FEED CONTROLLER provides a power on sequence avoids the thermal over stress power source for up to four U line interfaces. The when a simultaneous power on has been requested power source to the device is a local battery or a cen- for more than one channel. The current limiting value tralized regulated power supply. Each powered line is can globally be programmed for the four channels by individually controlled and monitored by the device means of an external resistor. The device has two in- interface. tegrated relay drivers per line to drive the test relays A MPI or a simple parallel interface can be selected of the ISDN system. Obsolete Product(s) - Obsolete Product(s) October 2002 1/23 STLC5445 BLOCK DIAGRAM Channel 3 Channel 2 Limiting Channel 1 current Channel 0 Reference & biasing reference generation Voltage

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