Part # AD843 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD843 34MHz CBFET Fast Settling Op Amp Data Sheet (Rev. D)

Part Details:

34 MHz, CBFET a Fast Settling Op Amp AD843 FEATURES CONNECTION DIAGRAMS AC PERFORMANCE 16-Pin SOIC (R-16) Package Plastic (N-8) and Unity Gain Bandwidth: 34 MHz Cerdip (Q-8) Package Fast Settling: 135 ns to 0.01%Slew Rate: 250 V/ sStable at Gains of 1 or GreaterFull Power Bandwidth: 3.9 MHz DC PERFORMANCEInput Offset Voltage: 1 mV max (AD843K/B}Input Bias Current: 0.6 nA typInput Voltage Noise: 19 nV/HzOpen Loop Gain: 30 V/mV into a 500 LoadOutput Current: 50 mA minSupply Current: 13 mA maxAvailable in 8-Pin Plastic Mini-DIP & Cerdip, 16-Pin SOIC, TO-8 (H-12A) Package LCC (E-20A) Package 20-Pin LCC and 12-Pin Hermetic Metal Can Packages Available in Tape and Reel in Accordance with EIA-481A Standard Chips and MIL-STD-883B Parts Also Available APPLICATIONSHigh Speed Sample-and-Hold AmplifiersHigh Bandwidth Active FiltersHigh Speed IntegratorsHigh Frequency Signal Conditioning PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONThe AD843 is a fast settling, 34 MHz, CBFET input op amp.The AD843 combines the low (0.6 nA) input bias currentscharacteristic of a FET input amplifier while still providing a34 MHz bandwidth and a 135 ns settling time (to within 0.01% The AD843 is offered in either 8-pin plastic DIP or hermetic of final value for a 10 volt step). The AD843 is a member of the cerdip packages, in 16-pin SOIC, 20-Pin LCC, or in a 12-pin Analog Devices family of wide bandwidth operational amplifi- metal can. Chips are also available. ers. These devices are fabricated using Analog Devices junctionisolated complementary bipolar (CB) process. This process per- PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS mits a combination of dc precision and wideband ac perform- 1. The high slew rate, fast settling time and low input bias cur- ance previously unobtainable in a monolithic op amp. rent of the AD843 make it the ideal amplifier for 12-bit D/A The 250 V/µs slew rate and 0.6 nA input bias current of the and A/D buffers, for high speed sample-and-hold amplifiers AD843 ensure excellent performance in high speed sample-and- and for high speed integrator circuits. The AD843 can re- hold applications and in high speed integrators. This amplifier is place many FET input hybrid amplifiers such as the also ideally suited for high bandwidth active filters and high fre- LH0032, LH4104 and OPA600. quency signal conditioning circuits. 2. Fully differential inputs provide outstanding performance in Unlike many high frequency amplifiers, the AD843 requires no all standard high frequency op amp applications such as sig- external compensation and it remains stable over its full operat- nal conditioning and active filters. ing temperature range. It is available in five performance grades: 3. Laser wafer trimming reduces the input offset voltage to the AD843J and AD843K are rated over the commercial 1 mV max (AD843K and AD843B). temperature range of 0°C to +70°C. The AD843A and AD843B 4. Although external offset nulling is unnecessary in many ap- are rated over the industrial temperature range of ­40°C to +85°C. plications, offset null pins are provided. The AD843S is rated over the military temperature range of ­55°Cto +125°C and is available processed to MIL-STD-883B, Rev. C.

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