Part # AD7538 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD7538 (Rev. B)

Part Details:

LC2MOS Microprocessor-Compatible 14-Bit DAC AD7538 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM V All grades 14-bit monotonic over the full temperature range DD 23 Low cost, 14-bit upgrade for 12-bit systems AD7538 2 R 14-bit parallel load with double buffered inputs FB Small 24-pin, 0.30" DIP and SOIC V 1 14-BIT DAC 3 REF IOUT Low output leakage (<20 nA) over the full temperature range 4 AGND APPLICATIONS DAC REGISTER 20 LDAC Microprocessor-based control systems Digital audio 21 INPUT CS Precision servo control REGISTER 22 14 WR Control and measurement in high temperature environments 6 19 5 24 0019- DB13 TO DB0 DGND VSS 0113 Figure 1. GENERAL DESCRIPTION PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS The AD7538 is a 14-bit monolithic CMOS digital-to-analog 1. Guaranteed Monotonicity.

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AD7538.pdf Datasheet