Part # 27V400 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: NND - 4 MBIT (512KB X8 OR 256KB X16) UV EPROM AND OTP EPROM

Part Details:

M27V400 4 Mbit (512Kb x8 or 256Kb x16) UV EPROM and OTP EPROM NOT FOR NEW DESIGN s M27V400 is replaced by the M27W400 s 3V to 3.6V LOW VOLTAGE in READ OPERATION s ACCESS TIME: 100ns s BYTE-WIDE or WORD-WIDE CONFIGURABLE s 4 Mbit MASK ROM REPLACEMENT 40 40 s LOW POWER CONSUMPTION 1 1 ­ Active Current 30mA at 8MHz FDIP40W (F) PDIP40 (B) ­ Stand-by Current 20µA s PROGRAMMING VOLTAGE: 12.5V ± 0.25V s PROGRAMMING TIME: 50µs/word s ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE ­ Manufacturer Code: 20h Figure 1. Logic Diagram ­ Device Code: B8h DESCRIPTIONThe M27V400 is an 4 Mbit EPROM offered in thetwo ranges UV (ultra violet erase) and OTP (onetime programmable). It is ideally suited for micro- VCC processor systems requiring large data or programstorage. It is organised as either 512 Kwords of 8bit or 256 Kwords of 16 bit. The pin-out is compat- 18 ible with the most common 4 Mbit Mask ROM. Q15A­1 A0-A17 The FDIP40W (window ceramic frit-seal package) 15 has a transparent lid which allows the user to ex- Q0-Q14 pose the chip to ultraviolet light to erase the bit pat- E tern. M27C400 A new pattern can then be written rapidly to the de- G vice by following the programming procedure. For applications where the content is programmed BYTEVPP only one time and erasure is not required, theM27V400 is offered in PDIP40 package. Obsolete Product(s) - Obsolete Product(s) VSS AI01634 July 2000 1/14 This is information on a product still in production but not recommended for new designs. M27V400 Figure 2. DIP Connections Table 1. Signal Names

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