Part # MAX6520 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX6520 DS

Part Details:

19-1130; Rev 1; 7/05 50ppm/°C, SOT23, 3-Terminal, 1.2V Voltage Reference MAX6520 _______________General Description ____________________________Features The MAX6520 is the lowest-power 1.2V, precision, 3-Pin SOT23 Package three-terminal voltage reference offered in a SOT23-3package. Ideal for 3V battery-powered equipment 50ppm/°C max Tempco where power conservation is critical, the MAX6520 is alow-power alternative to existing two-terminal shunt ref- Supply Current Independent of Input Voltage erences. Unlike two-terminal references that throw Over Temperature away battery current and require an external seriesresistor, the MAX6520 has a 70µA maximum supply 50µA Supply Current current (typically only 50µA) that is independent of the 2.4V to 11V Input Voltage Range input voltage. This feature translates to maximum effi-ciency at all battery voltages. ±1% Initial Accuracy The MAX6520 operates from a supply voltage as low as2.4V, and initial accuracy is ±1% for the SOT23 pack-age. Output voltage temperature coefficient is typi-cally only 25ppm/°C, and is guaranteed to be lessthan 50ppm/°C in the SOT23 package. ______________Ordering Information ________________________Applications PIN- TOP Battery-Powered Systems PART TEMP RANGE PACKAGE MARK Portable and Hand-Held Equipment MAX6520EUR-T -40°C to +85°C 3 SOT23-3 EFAA *Contact factory for availability. Data-Acquisition Systems Instrumentation and Process Control __________Typical Operating Circuit __________________Pin Configuration V+ 2.4V to 11V TOP VIEW VIN V 1 IN MAX6520 V 0.1µF V OUT OUT 3 GND 1.2V MAX6520 V

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