Part # MAX3370-MAX3371 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX3370 DS

Part Details:

19-1847; Rev 2; 12/06 1µA, 2Mbps, Low-Voltage Level Translators in SC70 and µDFN MAX3370 General Description Features The MAX3370/MAX3371 logic-level translators are ideal Allow Bidirectional Level Translation for applications interfacing low-voltage devices to otherlogic levels. Externally applied voltages set the logic Miniature µDFN (1mm x 1.5mm) and SC70 levels of the MAX3370/MAX3371. The devices accept Packages VCC from +2.5V to +5.5V and VL from +1.6V to +5.5V, Operational Down to 1.6V allowing data transfer between low-voltage ASICs andhigher voltage devices. The MAX3371 features a shut- Low Quiescent Current (< 100µA) down mode that reduces supply current to < 1µA and Ultra-Low (< 1µA) Shutdown Supply Current /MAX3371 puts the I/O pins in a high-impedance state. (MAX3371) The MAX3370/MAX3371 are bidirectional level shifters,allowing data transfer from the V Three-State Outputs in Shutdown (MAX3371) CC side to the VL side and from the VL side to the VCC side. Both devices 2Mbps (10pF Load) Push-Pull Driving operate at speeds up to 2Mbps with an active driverand up to 500kbps with an open-drain driver. 1Mbps (50pF Load) Push-Pull Driving The MAX3370/MAX3371 are available in space-saving 500kbps (30pF Load) Open-Drain Driving µDFN (1mm x 1.5mm) and SC70 packages. ________________________Applications Ordering Information Cell Phone Cradles PIN- PKG PART* SHDN TOP Cell Phone Hands-Free Kits PACKAGE MARK CODE MAX3370ELT-T 6 µDFN-6 NO KX L611-1 Portable POS Systems MAX3370EXK-T 5 SC70-5 NO ABV X5-1

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MAX3370-MAX3371.pdf Datasheet