Part # AD1953 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD1953 SigmaDSP 3-Channel 26-Bit Signal Processing DAC Data Sheet (REV. 0)

Part Details:

a SigmaDSPTM 3-Channel, 26-Bit Signal Processing DAC AD1953 FEATURES APPLICATIONS 5 V 3-Channel Audio DAC System 2.0/2.1 Channel Audio Systems (2 Main Channels Digital Audio Output (2-Channel or 6-Channel Plus Subwoofer) Packed Mode) Multichannel Automotive Sound Systems Accepts Sample Rates up to 48 kHz Multimedia Audio 7 Biquad Filter Sections per Channel Mini Component Stereo Dual Dynamic Processor with Arbitrary Input/Output Home Theater Systems (AC-3 Postprocessor) Curve and Adjustable Time Constants Musical Instruments 0 ms to 6 ms Variable Delay/Channel for Speaker Alignment In-Seat Sound Systems (Aircraft, Motor Coaches) Stereo Spreading Algorithm for Phat StereoTM EffectProgram RAM Allows Complete New Program Download PRODUCT OVERVIEW via SPI Port The AD1953 is a complete 26-bit, single-chip, 3-channel digital Parameter RAM Allows Complete Control of More Than audio playback system with built-in DSP functionality for speaker 200 Parameters via SPI Port equalization, dual-band compression/limiting, delay compensa- SPI Port Features Safe-Upload Mode for Transparent tion, and image enhancement. These algorithms can be used to Filter Updates compensate for real-world limitations of speakers, amplifiers, 2 Control Registers Allow Complete Control of Modes and listening environments, resulting in a dramatic improvement and Memory Transfers of perceived audio quality. Differential Output for Optimum Performance The signal processing used in the AD1953 is comparable to that 112 dB Signal-to-Noise (Not Muted) at 48 kHz Sample found in high end studio equipment. Most of the processing is Rate (A-Weighted Stereo) done in full 48-bit double-precision mode, resulting in very good 70 dB Stop-Band Attenuation low level signal performance and the absence of limit cycles or On-Chip Clickless Volume Control idle tones. The compressor/limiter uses a sophisticated two-band Hardware and Software Controllable Clickless Mute algorithm often found in high end broadcast compressors. Digital De-emphasis Processing for 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz (continued on page 9) Sample Rates Flexible Serial Data Port with Right-Justified, Left-Justified, I2S Compatible, and DSP Serial Port Modes

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