Part # LM4130 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM4130 Precision Micropower Low Dropout Voltage Reference

Part Details:

LM4130 May 2005 Precision LM4130Precision Micropower Low Dropout Voltage ReferenceGeneral Description n Low Temperature Coefficient 10 ppm/°C n Stable with capacitive loads to 100µF The LM4130 family of precision voltage references performs Micropower n Low dropout voltage 275 mV @ 10 mA comparable to the best laser-trimmed bipolar references, butin cost effective CMOS technology. Key to this break through n Supply Current 75 µA is the use of EEPROM registers for correction of curvature, n Full accuracy -40°C to 85°C tempco, and accuracy on a CMOS bandgap architecture that n Extended operation to 125°C allows package level programming to overcome assembly n Excellent load and line regulation shift. The shifts in voltage accuracy and tempco during as- n Output current 20 mA sembly of die into plastic packages limit the accuracy of n Output impedance < 1 references trimmed with laser techniques. n Voltage options: 2.500V and 4.096V Unlike other LDO references, the LM4130 requires no output Low capacitor. Neither is a buffer amplifier required, even with Applications Summary loads up to 20mA. These advantages and the SOT23 pack-aging are important for cost-critical and space-critical appli- n Portable, battery powered equipment Dropout cations. n Instrumentation and process control Series references provide lower power consumption than n Automotive & Industrial shunt references, since they don t have to idle the maximum n Test equipment possible load current under no load conditions. This advan- n Data acquisition systems tage, the low quiescent current (75µA), and the low dropout n Precision regulators voltage(275mV) make the LM4130 ideal for battery-powered n Battery chargers V solutions. oltage n Base stations The LM4130 is available in five grades (A, B, C, D and E) for n Communications

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