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a DC-Coupled Demodulating 120 MHz Logarithmic Amplifier AD640* FEATURES signal output at +50 dB (referred to input) is provided to operate Complete, Fully Calibrated Monolithic System AD640s in cascade. Five Stages, Each Having 10 dB Gain, 350 MHz BW The logarithmic response is absolutely calibrated to within ±1 dB Direct Coupled Fully Differential Signal Path for dc or square wave inputs from ± 0.75 mV to ± 200 mV, with Logarithmic Slope, Intercept and AC Response are an intercept (logarithmic offset) at 1 mV dc. An integral X10 Stable Over Full Military Temperature Range attenuator provides an alternative input range of ± 7.5 mV to Dual Polarity Current Outputs Scaled 1 mA/Decade ±2 V dc. Scaling is also guaranteed for sinusoidal inputs. Voltage Slope Options (1 V/Decade, 100 mV/dB, etc.) The AD640B is specified for the industrial temperature range of Low Power Operation (Typically 220 mW at 5 V) ­40°C to +85°C and the AD640T, available processed to MIL- Low Cost Plastic Packages Also Available STD-883B, for the military range of ­55°C to +125°C. Both are APPLICATIONS available in 20-lead side-brazed ceramic DIPs or leadless chip Radar, Sonar, Ultrasonic and Audio Systems carriers (LCC). The AD640J is specified for the commercial Precision Instrumentation from DC to 120 MHz temperature range of 0°C to +70°C, and is available in both Power Measurement with Absolute Calibration 20-lead plastic DIP (N) and PLCC (P) packages. Wide Range High Accuracy Signal CompressionAlternative to Discrete and Hybrid IF Strips This device is now available to Standard Military Drawing Replaces Several Discrete Log Amp ICs (DESC) number 5962-9095501MRA and 5962-9095501M2A. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 1. Absolute calibration of a wideband logarithmic amplifier is The AD640 is a complete monolithic logarithmic amplifier. A single unique. The AD640 is a high accuracy measurement device, AD640 provides up to 50 dB of dynamic range for frequencies not simply a logarithmic building block. from dc to 120 MHz. Two AD640s in cascade can provide up to95 dB of dynamic range at reduced bandwidth. The AD640 uses a 2. Advanced design results in unprecedented stability over the successive detection scheme to provide an output current propor- full military temperature range. tional to the logarithm of the input voltage. It is laser calibrated to 3. The fully differential signal path greatly reduces the risk of close tolerances and maintains high accuracy over the full military instability due to inadequate power supply decoupling and temperature range using supply voltages from ±4.5 V to ± 7.5 V. shared ground connections, a serious problem with com-monly used unbalanced designs. The AD640 comprises five cascaded dc-coupled amplifier/limiterstages, each having a small signal voltage gain of 10 dB and a ­3 dB 4. Differential interfaces also ensure that the appropriate ground

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