Part # LM2791 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM2791 Current Regulated Switched Capacitor LED Driver with Analog Brightness Control

Part Details:

LM2791 July 2002 Current LM2791Current Regulated Switched Capacitor LED Driver withAnalog Brightness Control Regulated General Description Features The LM2791 is a CMOS charge-pump voltage doubler and n Output matching of ± 0.3% regulator that provides two regulated current sources. The n Drives up to two LED s LM2791 is designed to drive two white (or blue) LEDs with n 3V to 5.8V Input Voltage matched currents (within ± 0.3%) to produce balanced light n Up to 36mA output current sources for display backlights. They accept an input voltage n Soft start limits inrush current Switched range from 3V to 5.8V and maintain a constant current n Analog brightness control determined by an external set resistor. n Separate shutdown input The LM2791 delivers up to 36mA of load current to accom- n Very small solution size - no inductor modate two high forward voltage (typically white) LEDs. Theswitching frequency is 450kHz (min.) to keep the conducted n 0.7mA typical operating current noise spectrum away from sensitive frequencies within por- n 1µA (max.) shutdown current table RF devices. n 450kHz switching frequency (min.) Capacitor In the LM2791, brightness is controlled by applying a voltage n Linear regulation generates predictable noise spectrum between GND and 3.0V to the BRGT pin. The LM2791 is n LLP-10 package: 3mm X 3mm X 0.8mm available in active high or low shutdown versions. The shut-down pin reduces the operating current to 1µA (max.). Applications The LM2791 is available in a 10 pin leadless leadframe n White LED Display Backlights (LLP) CSP package. n White LED Keypad Backlights LED n 1-Cell Li-Ion battery-operated equipment including PDAs, hand-held PCs, cellular phones n Flat Panel Dispalys Driver Basic Application Circuit with Analog Brightness Control 20018301 © 2002 National Semiconductor Corporation DS200183

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