Part # MAX6730-MAX6735 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX6730 DS

Part Details:

19-2629; Rev 4; 12/05 Single-/Dual-/Triple-Voltage µP Supervisory Circuits with Independent Watchdog Output MAX6730­MAX6735 General Description Features The MAX6730­MAX6735 single-/dual-/triple-voltage VCC1 (Primary Supply) Reset Threshold Voltages microprocessor (µP) supervisors feature a watchdog from +1.575V to +4.63V timer and manual reset capability. The MAX6730­MAX6735 offer factory-set reset thresholds for monitor- VCC2 (Secondary Supply) Reset Threshold ing voltages from +0.9V to +5V and an adjustable reset Voltages from +0.79V to +3.08V input for monitoring voltages down to +0.63V. The com- Adjustable RSTIN Threshold for Monitoring bination of these features significantly improves system Voltages Down to +0.63V (MAX6734/MAX6735 Only) reliability and accuracy when compared to separateICs or discrete components. Six Reset Timeout Options The active-low reset output asserts and remains asserted Watchdog Timer with Independent Watchdog Output for the reset timeout period after all the monitored volt- 35s (min) Initial Watchdog Startup Period ages exceed their respective thresholds. Multiple factory- 1.12s (min) Normal Watchdog Timeout Period set reset threshold combinations reduce the number of Manual Reset Input external components required. The MAX6730/MAX6731monitor a single fixed voltage, the MAX6732/MAX6733 (MAX6730/MAX6731/MAX6734/MAX6735) monitor two fixed voltages, and the MAX6734/MAX6735 Guaranteed Reset Valid down to monitor two fixed voltages and one adjustable voltage. All VCC1 or VCC2 = +0.8V devices are offered with six minimum reset timeout peri-ods ranging from 1.1ms to 1120ms. Push-Pull RESET or Open-Drain RESET Output The MAX6730­MAX6735 feature a watchdog timer with Immune to Short VCC Transients an independent watchdog output. The watchdog timer Low Supply Current: 14µA (typ) at +3.6V prevents system lockup during code execution errors.A watchdog startup delay of 54s after reset asserts Small 6-Pin and 8-Pin SOT23 Packages allows system initialization during power-up. The watch-dog operates in normal mode with a 1.68s delay afterinitialization. The MAX6730/MAX6732/MAX6734 providean active-low, open-drain watchdog output. The Ordering Information MAX6731/MAX6733/MAX6735 provide an active-low,push-pull watchdog output. PART* TEMP RANGE PIN-PACKAGE Other features include a manual reset input (MAX6730/ MAX6730 UT_D_ -T -40°C to +85°C 6 SOT23-6 MAX6731/MAX6734/MAX6735) and push-pull reset out- MAX6731 UT_D_ -T

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