Part # 8-bit datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Atmel


Part Description: 8-bit Flash MCU

Part Details:

Features· 80C52 Compatible ­ 8051 Instruction Compatible­ Six 8-bit I/O Ports (64 pins or 68 Pins Versions)­ Four 8-bit I/O Ports (44 Pins Version)­ Three 16-bit Timer/Counters­ 256 bytes Scratch Pad RAM­ 11 Interrupt Sources With 4 Priority Levels · ISP (In-System Programming) Using Standard VCC Power Supply· Integrated Power Monitor (POR/PFD) to Supervise Internal Power Supply· Boot ROM Contains Serial Loader for In-System Programming 8-bit Flash · High-speed Architecture ­ In Standard Mode: Microcontroller 40 MHz (Vcc 2.7V to 5.5V, Both Internal and External Code Execution)60 MHz (Vcc 4.5V to 5.5V and Internal Code Execution Only) ­ In X2 Mode (6 Clocks/Machine Cycle) 20 MHz (Vcc 2.7V to 5.5V, Both Internal and External Code Execution) AT89C51RE2 30 MHz (Vcc 4.5V to 5.5V and Internal Code Execution Only) · 128K bytes On-chip Flash Program/Data Memory ­ 128 bytes Page Write with auto-erase­ 100k Write Cycles · On-chip 8192 bytes Expanded RAM (XRAM) ­ Software Selectable Size (0, 256, 512, 768, 1024, 1792, 2048, 4096, 8192 bytes) · Dual Data Pointer· Extended stack pointer to 512 bytes· Variable Length MOVX for Slow RAM/Peripherals· Improved X2 Mode with Independant Selection for CPU and Each Peripheral· Keyboard Interrupt Interface on Port 1· SPI Interface (Master/Slave Mode)· 8-bit Clock Prescaler· Programmable Counter Array with: ­ High Speed Output­ Compare/Capture­ Pulse Width Modulator­ Watchdog Timer Capabilities · Asynchronous Port Reset · Two Full Duplex Enhanced UART with Dedicated Internal Baud Rate Generator· Low EMI (inhibit ALE)· Hardware Watchdog Timer (One-time Enabled with Reset-Out), Power-Off Flag· Power Control Modes: Idle Mode, Power-down Mode· Power Supply: 2.7V to 5.5V· Temperature Ranges: Industrial (-40 to +85°C)· Packages: PLCC44, VQFP44 Description AT89C51RE2 is a high performance CMOS Flash version of the 80C51 CMOS single chip 8-bitmicrocontroller. It contains a 128 Kbytes Flash memory block for program. The 128 Kbytes Flash memory can be programmed either in parallel mode or in serial mode withthe ISP capability or with software. The programming voltage is internally generated from thestandard VCC pin. The AT89C51RE2 retains all features of the Atmel 80C52 with 256 bytes of internal RAM, a 10-source 4-level interrupt controller and three timer/counters. In addition, the AT89C51RE2 has a Programmable Counter Array, an XRAM of 8192 bytes, aHardware Watchdog Timer, SPI and Keyboard, two serial channels that facilitates multiproces-sor communication (EUART), a speed improvement mechanism (X2 mode) and an extendedstack mode that allows the stack to be extended in the lower 256 bytes of XRAM. The fully static design of the AT89C51RE2 allows to reduce system power consumption bybringing the clock frequency down to any value, even DC, without loss of data. The AT89C51RE2 has 2 software-selectable modes of reduced activity and 8-bit clock prescalerfor further reduction in power consumption. In the Idle mode the CPU is frozen while the periph-erals and the interrupt system are still operating. In the power-down mode the RAM is saved andall other functions are inoperative. The added features of the AT89C51RE2 make it more powerful for applications that need pulsewidth modulation, high speed I/O and counting capabilities such as alarms, motor control,corded phones, smart card readers. Table 1. Memory Size and I/O pins AT89C51RE2 Flash (bytes) XRAM (bytes) TOTAL RAM (bytes) I/O PLCC44 128K 8192 8192 + 256 34 VQFP44 2 AT89C51RE2 7663D­8051­06/08 AT89C51RE2 Block Diagram Figure 1. Block Diagram rd 0 a 1 _ 0 o 1

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