Part # LM8207 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM8207 TFT 18 Gamma Buffer + VCOM Driver + Voltage Reference

Part Details:

LM8207 September 2005 TFT LM8207TFT 18 Gamma Buffer + V Driver + Voltage Reference 18 COM General Description Features Gamma The LM8207 is a combination of 18-channel gamma buffers, n Gamma buffers 1-2 swing to VDD a V driver and a temperature compensated internal volt- COM n Gamma buffers 17-18 swing to VSS age reference. It is designed for buffering voltage levels and n Large output current V driver (I = 300 mA) COM SC driving high capacitive loads in large TFT panels. The n Stable (1%) internal 1.295V reference, to improve gamma buffers are individually optimized to the input/output picture quality and reduce variations Buffer requirements of their respective gamma position to cover the n 48-pin TSSOP package whole voltage range from rail to rail. Any desired gammacorrection curve can be obtained by combining the gamma Applications buffers with external resistors. The V driver has a high COM output current capability and is stable with large capacitive n TFT gamma curve connection and V voltage COM + loads, typical for large panel sizes. This will result in a fast buffering V recovery time for large voltage variations at the output. The COM internal band gap reference can be used to form a highlystable voltage to generate the gamma correction voltages. Incombination with the internal amplifier, the reference voltage Driver can be programmed to voltages up to the positive rail. TheLM8207 is offered in a 48-pin TSSOP package. TFT Panel Block Diagram +Voltage Reference 20137926 © 2005 National Semiconductor Corporation DS201379

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