Part # LMX2522 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LMX2522 LMX2532 PLLatinum Frequency Synthesizer System with Integrated VCOs

Part Details:

LMX2522/LMX2532 June 2003 LMX2522/LMX2532PLLatinumTM Frequency Synthesizer System withIntegrated VCOsGeneral Description Features PLLatinum LMX2522 and LMX2532 are highly integrated, high perfor- n Small Size mance, low power frequency synthesizer systems optimized Small 5.0 mm x 5.0 mm x 0.75 mm 28-Pin LLP Package for Korean PCS (K-PCS) with GPS and Korean Cellular n RF/GPS Synthesizer System (K-Cellular) with GPS, CDMA (1xRTT, IS-95) mobile hand- Integrated RF VCO sets. Using a proprietary digital phase locked loop tech- Integrated GPS VCO nique, LMX2522 and LMX2532 generate very stable, low Integrated Loop Filter noise local oscillator signals for up and down conversion in Low Spurious, Low Phase Noise Fractional-N RF PLL wireless communications devices. Based on 11-bit Delta Sigma Modulator Dual LMX2522 and LMX2532 include a RF voltage controlled 10 kHz Frequency Resolution oscillator (VCO), a GPS VCO, a loop filter, and a fractional-N n IF Synthesizer System RF PLL based on a delta sigma modulator. In concert these Integer-N IF PLL Frequency blocks form a closed loop RF and GPS synthesizer system. Programmable Charge Pump Current Levels LMX2522 supports the Korean PCS band with GPS and Programmable Frequencies LMX2532 supports the Korean Cellular band with GPS. n Supports Various Reference Oscillator Frequencies LMX2522 and LMX2532 include an Integer-N IF PLL also. 19.20/19.68 MHz For more flexible loop filter designs, the IF PLL includes a n Fast Lock Time: 500 µs 4-level programmable charge pump. Together with an exter- n Low Current Consumption nal VCO and loop filter, LMX2522 and LMX2532 make a 17 mA at 2.8 V complete closed loop IF synthesizer system. n 2.7 V to 3.3 V Operation Synthesizer Serial data is transferred to the device via a three-wire n Digital Filtered Lock Detect Output MICROWIRE interface (DATA, LE, CLK). n Hardware and Software Power Down Control Operating supply voltage ranges from 2.7 V to 3.3 V.LMX2502 and LMX2512 feature low current consumption: Applications 17 mA at 2.8 V. n Korean PCS CDMA Systems with GPS LMX2522 and LMX2532 are available in a 28-pin leadless

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