Part # MAX3301E-MAX3302E datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX3301E-02E DS

Part Details:

19-3275; Rev 3; 10/07 USB On-the-Go Transceivers and Charge Pumps MAX3301E/MAX3302E General Description Features The MAX3301E/MAX3302E fully integrated USB On-the- o USB 2.0-Compliant Full-/Low-Speed OTG Go (OTG) transceivers and charge pumps allow mobile Transceivers devices such as PDAs, cellular phones, and digital o Ideal for USB On-the-Go, Embedded Host, or cameras to interface directly with USB peripherals and Peripheral Devices each other without the need of a host PC. Use the o MAX3301E/MAX3302E with an embedded USB host to ±15kV ESD Protection on ID_IN, VBUS, D+, and D- directly connect to peripherals such as printers or Terminals external hard drives. o Charge Pump for VBUS Signaling and Operation Down to 3V The MAX3301E/MAX3302E integrate a USB OTG trans-ceiver, a VBUS charge pump, a linear regulator, and an o Internal VBUS and ID Comparators I2C-compatible, 2-wire serial interface. An internal level o Internal Switchable Pullup and Pulldown shifter allows the MAX3301E/MAX3302E to interface Resistors for Host/Peripheral Functionality with +1.65V to +3.6V logic supply voltages. The o I2C Bus Interface with Command and Status MAX3301E/MAX3302E s OTG-compliant charge pump Registers operates with +3V to +4.5V input supply voltages, andsupplies an OTG-compatible output on VBUS while o Linear Regulator Powers Internal Circuitry and sourcing more than 8mA of output current. D+/D- Pullup Resistors The MAX3301E/MAX3302E enable USB OTG communi- o Support SRP and HNP cation from highly integrated digital devices that cannotsupply or tolerate the +5V VBUS levels that USB OTG Ordering Information requires. The device supports USB OTG session-requestprotocol (SRP) and host-negotiation protocol (HNP). PACKAGE PIN- PKG PART SIZE The MAX3301E/MAX3302E provide built-in ±15kV elec- PACKAGE CODE (mm) trostatic-discharge (ESD) protection for the VBUS, ID_IN,D+, and D- terminals. The MAX3301E/MAX3302E are MAX3301EEBA-T 2.5 x 2.5 25 UCSP B25-1

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