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Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: . AD5200_5201

Part Details:

a 256-Position and 33-Position Digital Potentiometers AD5200/AD5201 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM AD5200--256-Position AD5200/AD5201 AD5201--33-Position V V DD SS 10 k , 50 k A 3-Wire SPI-Compatible Serial Data Input CS W Single Supply 2.7 V to 5.5 V or CLK SER Dual Supply 2.7 V for AC or Bipolar Operations B REG 8/6 RDAC Internal Power-On Midscale Preset SDI Dx REG APPLICATIONS SHDN GND Mechanical Potentiometer Replacement PWR-ON PRESET Instrumentation: Gain, Offset AdjustmentProgrammable Voltage-to-Current ConversionProgrammable Filters, Delays, Time ConstantsLine Impedance Matching GENERAL DESCRIPTION has a nominal temperature coefficient of 500 ppm/°C. The VR The AD5200 and AD5201 are programmable resistor devices, has a VR latch that holds its programmed resistance value. The with 256 positions and 33 positions respectively, that can be digi- VR latch is updated from an SPI-compatible serial-to-parallel tally controlled through a 3-wire SPI serial interface. The terms shift register that is loaded from a standard 3-wire serial-input programmable resistor, variable resistor (VR), and RDAC are digital interface. Eight data bits for the AD5200 and six data commonly used interchangeably to refer to digital potentiometers. bits for the AD5201 make up the data word that is clocked into These devices perform the same electronic adjustment function the serial input register. The internal preset forces the wiper to as a potentiometer or variable resistor. Both AD5200/AD5201 the midscale position by loading 80H and 10H into AD5200 and contain a single variable resistor in the compact µSOIC-10 AD5201 VR latches respectively. The SHDN pin forces the

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