Part # AD8047 AD8048 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD8047/AD8048 250 MHz General Purpose Voltage Feedback Op Amps Data Sheet (REV. A)

Part Details:

250 MHz, General Purpose Voltage Feedback Op Amps AD8047/AD8048 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Wide Bandwidth AD8047, G = +1 AD8048, G = +2 8-Pin Plastic PDIP (N) Small Signal 250 MHz 260 MHz and SOIC (R) Packages Large Signal (2 V p-p) 130 MHz 160 MHz 5.8 mA Typical Supply Current AD8047/ Low Distortion, (SFDR) Low Noise NC 1 8 NC AD8048 ­66 dBc Typ @ 5 MHz ­INPUT 2 7 +VS ­54 dBc Typ @ 20 MHz5.2 nV/Hz (AD8047), 3.8 nV/Hz (AD8048) Noise +INPUT 3 6 OUTPUT Drives 50 pF Capacitive Load ­V 4 (TOP VIEW) 5 NC S High Speed Slew Rate 750 V/ s (AD8047), 1000 V/ s (AD8048) NC = NO CONNECT Settling 30 ns to 0.01%, 2 V Step 3 V to 6 V Supply Operation APPLICATIONSLow Power ADC Input DriverDifferential Amplifiers The AD8047 and AD8048 s low distortion and cap load drive IF/RF Amplifiers make the AD8047/AD8048 ideal for buffering high speed ADCs. Pulse Amplifiers They are suitable for 12-bit/10 MSPS or 8-bit/60 MSPS ADCs. Professional Video Additionally, the balanced high impedance inputs of the voltage DAC Current to Voltage Conversion feedback architecture allow maximum flexibility when designing

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AD8047 AD8048.pdf Datasheet