Part # MAX5940-MAX5940B datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX5940A DS

Part Details:

19-2991; Rev 2; 2/06 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE IEEE 802.3af PD Interface Controller For Power-Over-Ethernet MAX5940A/MAX5940B/MAX5940C/MAX5940D General Description Features The MAX5940A/MAX5940B/MAX5940C/MAX5940D pro- Fully Integrated IEEE 802.3af-Compliant PD vide complete interface function for a powered device Interface (PD) to comply with the IEEE 802.3af standard in a PD Detection and Programmable Classification power-over-ethernet system. MAX5940A/MAX5940B/ Signatures MAX5940C/MAX5940D provide the PD with a detectionsignature, a classification signature, and an integrated Less than 10µA Leakage Current Offset During isolation switch with programmable inrush current control. Detection These devices also feature power-mode undervoltage Integrated MOSFET For Isolation and Inrush lockout (UVLO) with wide hysteresis and power- Current Limiting good outputs. The MAX5940A/MAX5940B are availablewith an absolute maximum rating of 80V and the 90V Absolute Maximum Rating MAX5940C/MAX5940D are rated for an absolute maxi- (MAX5940C/MAX5940D) mum rating of 90V. Gate Output Allows External Control of the An integrated MOSFET provides PD isolation during Internal Isolation MOSFET detection and classification. All devices guarantee a leak- Programmable Inrush Current Control age current offset of less than 10µA during the detectionphase. A programmable current limit prevents high inrush Programmable Undervoltage Lockout current during power-on. The device features power- (MAX5940B/MAX5940D Only) mode UVLO with wide hysteresis and long deglitch time Wide UVLO Hysteresis Accommodates Twisted- to compensate for twisted-pair cable resistive drop and to Pair Cable Voltage Drop assure glitch-free transition between detection, classifica-tion, and power-on/-off phases. PGOOD/PGOOD Outputs to Enable Downstream DC-DC Converters The MAX5940A/MAX5940C provide an active-high(PGOOD) open-drain output and a fixed UVLO threshold. -40°C to +85°C Operating Temperature Range The MAX5940B/MAX5940D provide both active-high Ordering Information (PGOOD) and active-low (PGOOD) outputs and have anadjustable UVLO threshold with the default value compli-ant to the 802.3af standard. All devices are designed to PIN- PART TEMP RANGE UVLO work with or without an external diode bridge.

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