Part # Brief VT5366 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: 1.8 V Optical mouse sensor

Part Details:

VT5366 1.8V Optical mouse sensor Data Brief Feature summary The VT5366 sensor operates over a wide range ofilluminant wavelengths. For devices operating at Pin compatible with VT5364 approximatively 850 nm (IR LED or VCSEL), the Can be used (with external MCU) in all optical on-die automatic exposure controller (AEC) mouse applications compensates for the change in sensitivitycompared to 640nm (red LED). Motion Single +1.8V supply performance can be improved by increasing the Very low power operation, enabling long current supplied to the navigation LED. battery life CPI programmable up to 3200 (default 800 cpi) Applications Up to 9,600 frames per second USB/PS2, Wireless & BlueTooth Optical Tracking at up to 40 ips Mouse I2C Interface On-chip ADC for voltage level reporting Technical specifications Proven, high volume package technology - smallest package currently available on market CPI programmable up to Resolution Minimal external circuitry 3200. Default 800 Suitable for use with both LED and laser Pixel size 30.4 µm (VCSEL) light sources Array size 20*20 pixels Frame rate Up to 9,600 frames/second Description High speed motion Accurate motion up to 40 ips The VT5366 has been designed for pin to pin detector compatibilty with the VT5364(a) and is Clock 6MHz STMicroelectronics first generally available chipfor use in all optical mice applications (USB/PS2, Supply voltage 1.8V Wireless - 27MHz/2.4GHz and BlueTooth). The Run (9.6 Kfps) - 9 mA device has been designed to provide long battery Supply current

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