Part # LNBH23 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: NBs supply and control IC with step-up and I²C interface

Part Details:

LNBH23 LNBs supply and control IC with step-up and I²C interface Features Complete interface between LNB and I²C bus Built-in DC-DC converter for single 12 V supply operation and high efficiency (Typ. 93% @ 0.75 A), with integrated NMOS Selectable output current limit by external resistor Compliant with main satellite receiver systems specifications PowerSSO-24 QFN32 (5x5mm) (Exposed pad) (Exposed pad) New accurate built-in 22 kHz tone generator suits widely accepted standards (patent pending) see Figure 1 and Figure 4 Fast oscillator start-up facilitates DiSEqCTM Description encoding Intended for analog and digital satellite Built-in 22 kHz tone detector supports bi- receivers/Sat-TV, sat-PC cards, the LNBH23 is a directional DiSEqCTM 2.0 monolithic voltage regulator and interface IC, Very low-drop post regulator and high assembled in PowerSSO-24 ePAD and QFN32 efficiency step-up PWM with integrated power (5x5 mm) ePAD, specifically designed to provide N-MOS allow low power losses the 13/18 V power supply and the 22 kHz tone signalling to the LNB down-converter in the Two output pins suitable to by-pass the output antenna dish or to the multi-switch box. In this R-L filter and avoid any tone distortion (R-L application field, it offers a complete solution with filter as per DiSEqCTM 2.0 specs, see typ. extremely low component count, low power application circuits) dissipation together with simple design and I²C Overload and over-temperature internal standard interfacing. protections with I²C diagnostic bits Output voltage and output current level diagnostic feedback by I²C bits LNB Short circuit dynamic protection +/- 4 kV ESD tolerant on output power pins Table 1. Device summary Order code Package Packaging LNBH23PPR PowerSSO-24 (Exposed pad) Tape and reel LNBH23QTR (1) QFN32 (Exposed pad)

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