Part # FPP06R001 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: FPP06R001 75V 60A Synchronous Rectifier Module

Part Details:

FPP06R001 75V/60A Sync January 2008 Power-SPMTM FPP06R001 tm 75V/60A Synchronous Rectifier Module General Features General Description · Very High Rectification Efficiency at Output 12V The FPP06R001 is one product in the Power-SPMTM family that Fairchild has newly developed and designed to be most suitable hronous Rectifier Module · Integrated Solution for Saving Board Space for more compact and more efficient synchronous rectification · Improved Driving Capability with Prominent Internal Driver IC applications such as internet server power supplies and telecom system power supplies. For higher efficiency, it includes built-in · RoHS Compliant very low RDS(ON) MOSFETs. In addition, it includes the superior gate driver that supports higher driving capability to be more suitable for these low RDS(ON) MOSFETs. This Power-SPM device can be used in the secondary side of the PWM trans-former of forward/bridge converter to provide high current rectifi-cation at output voltages ranging from 12 Volts down to 5 Volts. Sync-Rectifier Switch Features With this product, it is possible to design the secondary side of power supply systems with reduced parasitic elements resulting · R in minimized voltage spike and EMI noise. DS(ON) = 3.5m(Typ.), VIN = 10V, ID = 40A · Low Miller Charge Applications · Low Qrr Body Diode · High Current Isolated Converter · UIS Capability (Single Pulse and Repetitive Pulse) · Distributed Power Architectures Driver IC Features· 2.5A Max Current Driving Capability · Low Propagation Delay Time 1 · Optimized for Increasing Driving Capability Using General Low-Current Gate Driver with a Minimum Delay Time 15 EPM15 Package Block Diagram 7 9 15 VCC VCC D2 Buffer Vcc Q2 IN2 OUT2 10 IN2 IN1 OUT1 6 14

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