Part # LM2700 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM2700 600kHz 1.25MHz, 2.5A, Step-up PWM DC DC Converter

Part Details:

LM2700 May 2004 600kHz/1.25MHz, LM2700600kHz/1.25MHz, 2.5A, Step-up PWM DC/DC ConverterGeneral Description Features The LM2700 is a step-up DC/DC converter with a 3.6A, n 3.6A, 0.08, internal switch 80m internal switch and pin selectable operating fre- n Operating input voltage range of 2.2V to 12V quency. With the ability to produce 500mA at 8V from a n Input undervoltage protection single Lithium Ion battery, the LM2700 is an ideal part for n Adjustable output voltage up to 17.5V biasing LCD displays. The LM2700 can be operated at n 600kHz/1.25MHz pin selectable frequency operation switching frequencies of 600kHz and 1.25MHz allowing for n Over temperature protection 2.5A, easy filtering and low noise. An external compensation pingives the user flexibility in setting frequency compensation, n Small 14-Lead TSSOP or LLP package which makes possible the use of small, low ESR ceramiccapacitors at the output. The LM2700 features continuous Applications Step-up switching at light loads and operates with a switching quies- n LCD Bias Supplies cent current of 2.0mA at 600kHz and 3.0mA at 1.25MHz. The n Handheld Devices LM2700 is available in a low profile 14-lead TSSOP package n Portable Applications or a 14-lead LLP package. n GSM/CDMA Phones n Digital Cameras PWM Typical Application Circuit DC/DC Converter 20012301 600 kHz Operation © 2004 National Semiconductor Corporation DS200123 Connection Diagram LM2700 Top View 20012304 14-Lead TSSOP or LLP Ordering Information Order Number Package Type NSC Package Drawing Supplied As LM2700MT-ADJ TSSOP-14 MTC14

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