Part # AD6650 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD6650 Diversity IF-to-Baseband GSM/EDGE Narrow-Band Receiver Data Sheet (Rev. A)

Part Details:

AD6650 Diversity IF-to-Baseband GSM/EDGE Narrow-Band Receiver AD6650 FEATURES Smart antenna systems 116 dB dynamic range Software radios Digital VGA In-building wireless telephony I/Q demodulators PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Active low-pass filters Dual wideband ADC The AD6650 is a diversity intermediate frequency-to-baseband Programmable decimation and channel filters (IF-to-baseband) receiver for GSM/EDGE. This narrow-band VCO and phase-locked loop circuitry receiver consists of an integrated DVGA, IF-to-baseband I/Q Serial data output ports demodulators, low-pass filtering, and a dual wideband ADC. Intermediate frequencies of 70 MHz to 260 MHz The chip can accommodate IF input from 70 MHz to 260 MHz. 10 dB noise figure The receiver architecture is designed such that only one external +43 dBm input IP2 at 70 MHz IF surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter for main and one for diversity -9.5 dBm input IP3 at 70 MHz IF are required in the entire receive signal path to meet GSM/EDGE 3.3 V I/O and CMOS core blocking requirements. Microprocessor interface Digital decimation and filtering circuitry provided on-chip JTAG boundary scan remove unwanted signals and noise outside the channel of APPLICATIONS interest. Programmable RAM coefficient filters allow antialiasing, matched filtering, and static equalization functions to be combined PHS or GSM/EDGE single carrier, diversity receivers in a single cost-effective filter. The output of the channel filters Microcell and picocell systems is provided to the user via serial output I/Q data streams. Wireless local loop FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM TWEAK GAIN AD6650 GSM/ DAC EDGE IF RECEIVER AGC LP RELIN FILTER CTRL I LPF AIN

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