Part # AD8240 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD8240 LED Driver/Monitor Data Sheet (REV. 0)

Part Details:

LED Driver/Monitor AD8240 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM PWM input for LED brightness control VPLU V S SHUNT BASE O Open LED detection 5 6 7 8 Latch-off overcurrent protection RSENSE Constant voltage regulated output VSENSE 1 10k Supply range: 9 V to 27 V Regulated voltage range: 12.5 V to 27 V Operating current: 300 µA Shutdown current: 10 µA 5V 2 REFERENCE R1 Temperature range -40°C to +125°C 350k LATCH-OFF 8-lead MSOP package DRIVER PWM 3 R2 250k AD8240 GENERAL DESCRIPTION 001 4 0- GND The AD8240 LED driver/monitor, in combination with an 04824- external transistor, supplies a constant 12 V to drive LED Figure 1. lamps. This allows cost-effective LED lamp monitoring and PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS short-circuit protection. The output is regulated at 12 V when 1. Partial LED lamp failure detection. the supply voltage is between 12.5 V and 27 V. Allows for compliance with automotive regulations A CMOS compatible, level-dependent, digital input can be used for turn signal functionality detection and minimum for PWM control of the LED brightness. VO is turned on when

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