Part # ADE3000 ADE3050 ADE3100 ADE3200 ADE3250 ADE3300 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics


Part Details:

ADE3000 ADE3050 ADE3100ADE3200 ADE3250 ADE3300 ® LCD Display Engines with Integrated DVI, ADC and YUV Ports The ADE3xxx is a family of highly integrated display engine ICs, enabling the most advanced, flexible, andcost-effective system-on-chip solutions for LCD display applications. The ADE3xxx line-up covers the fullrange of applications from XGA analog only to dual SXGA Smart Panel designs. All twelve ADE3xxxdevices are pin-to-pin compatible and use a common software platform. Feature Overview s Advanced EMI reduction featuress Framelock operation with Safety ModeTM s Programmable Context SensitiveTM Scaling s Serial I²C interface s High-quality up-scaling and down-scaling s Low power 0.18 µm process technology s Dual Input: DVI / VGA s Integrated 9-bit ADC/PLL s Integrated DVI-Rx s IQSyncTM AutoSetup s Integrated programmable timing controller s Integrated Pattern generators Perfect PictureTM Technology s sRGB 3D Color Warp s Integrated OSD 208-pin PQFP Package Product Selector Input Interface Support Output Format Support Product Analog DVI YUV Resolution TCON ADE3000 x x Up to XGA 75Hz ADE3000T x x Up to XGA 75Hz x ADE3000SX x x Up to SXGA 75Hz ADE3000SXT x x Up to SXGA 75Hz x ADE3050 x x Up to XGA 75Hz ADE3050T x x Up to XGA 75Hz

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ADE3000 ADE3050 ADE3100 ADE3200 ADE3250 ADE3300.pdf Datasheet